Mary McDowell Friends School “PURA VIDA”

Steve directed, shot, and edited this short film documenting the highly regarded Mary McDowell Friends School’s immersive Spanish studies trip to Costa Rica, which they sponsor every year for their 8th grade middle school students.  Steve also created a longer, 30 minute version for the school’s private use. Additional crew: Masaki Yamagata – Location Sound, Production Coordination

Mary McDowell Friends School “Brooklyn Dyslexia Day”

This short documentary film was screened at the 2016 Brooklyn Dyslexia Day conference, and explores the personal side of students with dyslexia, and how their education at Mary McDowell Friends School help prepare them for a future in college.  Directed, photographed, and edited by Steven E. Mallorca.

Mary McDowell Friends School “LEARN THE ADDRESS” 2016

Steve directed, shot and edited this short film documenting the students of Mary McDowell Friends School as they prepare for the National Gettysburg Address Competition.