SAP Customer Services Network (excerpt up-res from SD)

Steve directed this marketing film about SAP’s Customer Service Network, featuring a cast of musicians and dancers that includes Blue Note recording artist, Stefon Harris. Director and Editor: Steven E. Mallorca Director of Photography: John Bentham


SAP “The Game” (Excerpt up-res from SD)

Steve co-directed along with Roger Woo this opening film for SAP’s Sapphire event. Co-Directors: Steven E. Mallorca, Roger Woo DIrector of Photography: Patrick Cady Producer: Mikha Grumet VFX: Greg Duncan


SAP “4 Billion Dollar Man” (Excerpt up-res from SD)

Steve directed this speaker intro for SAP’s national kickoff meeting, an homage to the Bionic Man. Directed and edited by Steven E. Mallorca Photographed by John Bentham Produced by Mikha Grumet Executive Producer: Roger Woo GFX by Collider.

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