Insert Ice Here – Promo

Promo / performance video for [Insert Ice Here], a creative special events company that reinvents performance on ice by providing customized portable plastic “ice” surfaces, extraordinary skaters, and exciting choreography for corporate events, film sets, storefront window displays, and more. Choreography by Britt-Nhi Sarah. Directed, photographed and edited by Steven E. Mallorca. Add’l camera by Colin Rivera, Jean Baptiste Sankara. FEATURED PLAYERS: Ice Skaters: Britt Nhi Sarah, Tenzin Nyangdak, Tenzin Nakchubhu Sampel Skateboarders: Masaki Yamagata, Joao  Pineiro, Leon Vincent-Vialva, Anny Campos, Blue Sky Longboards Rollerskaters: Lynna MovingStar, James Singley, Pop Young aka Broken Ankles, Donald P. aka Pino