Conniving brothers take their family vacation into their own hands. This film is the third in a series of children’s film festival entries by my sons Jasper and Spencer.  Once I again, I let my two sons come up with a story, and then come up with ways to take their story and put it onscreen.  It’s always […]

Slow Jam King – Award-winning Feature Film

Before DSLR Cameras revolutionized filmmaking and made DIY Filmmaking mainstream, Steven E. Mallorca used every bit of his ingenuity and creative skills to create his first feature film, SLOW JAM KING, and turn it into a cult film success. Winner of Asian Cinevision’s Emerging Director Award, SLOW JAM KING has simultaneously entertained and defied definition, […]

P.I.C “GOT ME LIKE” (up-res from SD)

Official music video for “Got Me Like” from P.I.C’s album EL NOVA HUSTLE. Directed, photographed, and edited by Steven E. Mallorca Winner of the Michelob Light – Asian Cinevision Music Video Award. Voted Top 10 Video of 2005 by cnet’s