Sulu and Excelsior “The AntiMatter Suite”

The critically-acclaimed second full length album from Sulu and Excelsior was voted top 100 albums of 2019 by Ghettoblaster Magazine and hailed for “its non-conformity and willingness to push boundaries.”

“A sweet set from Sulu & Excelsior – essentially the solo project of singer, rapper and trumpet player Steven “Sulu” Mallorca despite the sprawling sound and stylistic breadth – with influences that stretch from classic Motown, to late 60s funk, to live horn-backed hip hop and the skills to fuse them seamlessly! Sulu is a soulful singer and solid MC, often doing both in single rap, and handles most of the instrumentation – from the beats, to piano & keys, to horns, with guests on vocals, bass and guitar on just a handful of tunes – all the more impressive given the full band vibe you get here.” – Dusty Groove

“Uplifting, soulful, and just what you need to get the weekend started right, Sulu follows suit of his previous releases, raising the tempo and the bar for the listener to get down to in any way they see fit…. This one really made our day. Always rooting for the little guy, we have always seen big things for Sulu and his releases. This is another great one. Sulu and Excelsior make positive music 100%. ” – Fleamarket Funk

“Similar to the debut, here he starts things with piano and keys along with that aged crooning before the band goes cataclysmic with its rhythm and vocals are changed up when Mallorca starts rapping on “My Own Volition.” The song itself is colorful, blending those keyboards and rhythm with horns and electronics. The band keeps the party going with “You don’t Mind Me Sayin’ That,” with a punchy bounce and stop-starts as Mallorca sing/speaks throughout the track. Again, you’ll find the keys and horns volleying off one another while background harmonies accentuate Mallorca’s vocals. The showman in him is ever-present.

Everything leads directly “AntiMatter,” or the title track as I’d like to call it; visceral in its delivery as the rhythm section never refrains cutting through with heavy-handed delivery. Here, Mallorca sings like a man possessed, rarely pausing for a breath. And of course, he raps as well. From this point on, one would assume this is the highlight of The AntiMatter Suite but there’s much more that follows. I’m not sure how it all comes together here but it simply does!

I’d like to say the infectious “Lady Libby” has Mallorca channeling the ghost of the Reverend Al Green…but the legend ain’t dead. This right here though does hold up well against the soul artist, and although Mallorca raps 2/3rds of the way through, I just want to hear him sing! The keyboard/drums/bass combo here can repeat as long as it wants, and no one would care because it’s hypnotic. When the band bridges off, the harmonies leave me fascinated. The one memorable thing about this release is its non-conformity and willingness to push boundaries, never really knowing what direction Sulu and Excelsior is heading. “Equilibrium” begins with an electronic beat before heading into what Go-Gos-esque direction, which does a complete 180 degree turn into something completely different, punctuating a bounce within it. All that while the jazz-infected “Silver Fox” takes a different approach, allowing the groove to find its own path.

There’s so much more within the context of Sulu and Excelsior’s music that needs to be noted, from the somberness of “Myopic Living” to swinging Latin/Caribbean groove of “Gratitude,” The AntiMatter Suite is filled with a dexterous variety. I can surely call myself a fan.- Ghettoblaster Magazine

“In a bold feat of experimentalism the AltRnR artist weaved together the most rapturous elements from decades past to served up a potently high energy track. There’s a unique rapturous air to their sound which you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere…Within AntiMatter you’ll find reminiscences to a myriad of artists. From the B52s to James Brown, it’s all infused in this feat of infectiously indulgent, dopamine teasing Alt RnB.”
– AnR Factory