Slow Jam King – Award-winning Feature Film

Winner of Asian Cinevision’s Emerging Director Award, SLOW JAM KING has simultaneously entertained and defied definition, being described as a “genuinely moving”, “weird-ass magnum opus” that is “somewhat revolutionary in that there’s nothing else out there in the wide world of film quite like it.”SLOW JAM KING marks the feature film debut by Steven E. Mallorca, who wrote, directed, produced, photographed and edited the film, while also composing and performing the majority of the film’s featured music.

The New York Times praised Slow Jam King as “Do-it-yourself filmmaking at its purest… with spirited characters and high levels of comic energy.” Slow Jam King enjoyed a lengthy festival run culminating in winning Asian Cinevision’s Emerging Director Award, and a successful theatrical release, Slow Jam King was picked up by Unitel Pictures International, who distributed the Sundance hits Imelda, and The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros. It also was available on Time Warner and Comcast on-demand, as well as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Synopsis: JoJo Enriquez, a Filipino-American, poseur gangsta-pimp, thinks he hears his call to the streets and carjacks Vance, a mysterious traveling perfume salesman. In tow is Devaun, JoJo’s best friend, who tries desperately to protect Vance from JoJo, and JoJo from the law. But no one is safe from JoJo’s impulses, as the motley trio hits the road to Nashville, and slowly succumb to an escapist adventure that takes them further away from JoJo’s reality, but closer to Vance’s reality. When JoJo discovers the truth about his reluctant road companion, the trip takes a turn that leads the three of them to truth, love, and the dirty underbelly of the Nashville country music scene, where they encounter the militant Black country music star, Buck Garvey.

Director, Writer, Editor, Co-Producer, Co-Director of Photography: Steven E. Mallorca Co-Producers: Cindy T. Mallorca, Andrew Luis Executive Producers: John Woo, Roger Woo Co-Director of Photography: Colin Rivera Line Producer: Jason Grey